Transformational Tools for Change

Transformational Tools for Change

121 Sessions Online

All 121 sessions are now online.
I offer sessions over Zoom and for most sessions you can access them on any device; phone, tablet or laptop. I’m also happy to use other video platforms if you prefer.

Sessions available
Online Coaching or Issue Resolution Sessions are 90 minutes
Listening sessions are available, 50 minutes in duration with no help or advice offered

IEMT sessions are 60 -70 minutes per session and available as a package of two sessions to be carried out within two weeks. For IEMT sessions you must be able to use a laptop, desktop PC or television screen.


Results in Just Hours

Personal Behaviour Changes

Unlocking Potential

NLP Training

The people who seek out my training from all over the UK make the journey because they want a solid foundation, based on deep knowledge of NLP and the change process.

I provide Business Goal Setting Days, NLP Practitioner Courses for those looking to help others and Master Practitioner Training for those ready to gain a true mastery of NLP techniques.


The Best Possible Start

Exclusive Small Group Training

Learn from an Expert

Why Me?

What differentiates me from other NLP Practitioners and Trainers is my deep knowledge of the change process and my years of experience facilitating the process in others.

I am working at the leading edge of NLP in the UK and I am proud to say my students all over the UK are now achieving outstanding results with their 121 clients.


NLP Professional Since 2009

UK NLP Training Centre

Trusted by Students & Clients

Client Testimonials

“The three sessions that my 18-year-old daughter had with Georgia have been most helpful and got all of us, as a family through a very tough and challenging time.

My daughter had issues with low self-esteem and body image coupled with several years of bullying as a younger child. Friendship has not always been easy for her as she has found it hard to trust. Georgia has helped her regain her feeling of self-worth and as a result, she has been able to forge stronger and more secure friendships where she is ‘in control’ rather than being the ‘pleaser’”.

Client Testimonials

“Georgia has helped me increase my business with sales and building my website. We have discussed this over Skype which I felt was very good as I like to talk face to face.

Georgia is kind and respectful to talk to and is always happy to answer any questions that she could help me with – she still continues to help me now.

Georgia I would personally like to thank you for all the time and support you have given helping me in finding my way.”