NLP Coaching Sessions

Issue Resolution & Deep Personal/Professional Change in 4 hours.


  • Socially For Maximum Enjoyment of Life
  • For Public Speaking
  • Assertiveness

Behaviour Changes

  • To change any behaviour (exercise more, eat less, stop smoking, listen more)

  • To resolve a fear or phobia

  • To see things through to their completion

  • To work with others

  • To walk away from what’s not working


  • Stop Procrastinating & Start Taking Action

  • To focus on your priorities

  • To take your career or business forward


Belief Changes

  • For Self-belief

  • For Trust

  • For Commitment

  • To change any belief that is causing you a problem

£400 Investment for 4 Hours, More Time Available if Needed

“Things have been good! I’m in an infinitely better frame of mind and I’ve made some very positive improvements already. I am so much more motivated now and have hardly procrastinated at all since our sessions. In fact, I’ve been working towards my goals daily and feel like I’ve been very productive.

Mentally, I feel like there’s a lot more space in my head now that I’m refocused on what is going right and what needs to happen, not what went wrong 3 years ago and that feels good. It’s a bit like I’m just back from a long holiday which is not usually the case at this time of year.”