NLP Training

Business Mastermind Group

Four Hours every month to really focus on your business.

I will guide you through effective goal setting techniques which will greatly increase your ability to achieve growth over the year.

Join like-minded, goal-focused business owners and make a huge impact on your business mindset, confidence and go home full of inspiration with a clear pathway forward. 

We meet on Thursdays at my NLP Training Centre in Cardiff.

NLP Practitioner

Held at my training centre in Cardiff, the NLP Practitioner Course is 8 full days of class based training.

Trainees also receive a full set of digital audio files offering a comprehensive overview of the whole training for you to download and keep.

This professional NLP course is recognised by the ANLP (The Association for NLP). Find my ANLP membership profile HERE.

Deciding which course is right for you? Read my blog on choosing an NLP training HERE

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner Training starts with Self Mastery:

This level of self-knowledge gives you the true power of change – in yourself first and then learn the ability to facilitate this level of change in others.

You may have found that as a Practitioner you have had some great results working with others. Mastery of NLP means you will be able to recreate this kind of outcome reliably.

You will have a greater number of approaches at your disposal plus a deepened understanding of how the techniques and approaches of NLP work.