Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure to receive hundreds of testimonials over my years of practice from clients and past students who have worked with me.

“The three sessions that my 18-year-old daughter had with Georgia have been most helpful and got all of us, as a family through a very tough and challenging time.

My daughter had issues with low self-esteem and body image coupled with several years of bullying as a younger child. Friendship has not always been easy for her as she has found it hard to trust. Georgia has helped her regain her feeling of self-worth and as a result, she has been able to forge stronger and more secure friendships where she is ‘in control’ rather than being the ‘pleaser”.

“Georgia has helped me increase my business with sales and building my website. We have discussed this over Skype which I felt was very good as I like to talk face to face.

Georgia is kind and respectful to talk to and is always happy to answer any questions that she could help me with – she still continues to help me now.

Georgia I would personally like to thank you for all the time and support you have given helping me in finding my way.”

“My job enabled me to earn enough money to have time to volunteer for my charity but I was unable to commit to either properly to make them a success. During practitioner training I experienced a massive shift in confidence which pushed me to successfully apply for a part time role at a Royal College.

Since then I have gone on to have two promotions within this role and am often asked to do high profile projects. At the charity I had three part time members of staff, working in an unsuitable office. What we did was good but we weren’t progressing.

I found new premises and the skills I learned enabled me to make this an attractive move to reluctant staff and nervous trustees. I made new funding applications and raised enough money to significantly expand our services.The training helped enormously with the language used in funding applications and how to plan the service design, deliverability and outcomes.

We now work with four times as many families as before my training and the feedback for our services is extremely high.”

”I can only say that the training is absolutely first class and Georgia is extremely thorough in her methods. The level of instruction is testament to a highly experienced professional in change therapy and NLP techniques. I can’t thank Georgia enough for helping me to understand and use NLP techniques to not only help my clients but to make the personal changes to improve my own life on every level. Absolutely recommended.”

“I attended NLP Practitioner training with Georgia in Mar 2017. Georgia is an amazing trainer/teacher and breaks everything into such simple steps that are easy to follow. I learnt so much through these courses about myself and I am truly grateful for that. Not only has it helped me personally but in all aspects of my life including my relationships with others too. Definitely recommend Georgia for workshops/NLP. Totally worth it! (Travelled from West London to Cardiff).”

“I’m feeling consistently fabulous for the first time in ages, well as long as I can remember anyway! Every day there are more examples of where my new found confidence and belief in myself positively impacts my life. I can’t wait to get started with helping others”

“I found the days in class to be intense, fun, revealing, supportive and full of warmth.
The format of the training is very fluid. I came to understand how this approach allowed Georgia to direct the course in a way that directly benefitted the students’ individual needs with outstandingly good timing. If a student was struggling with an exercise, this fluid structure allowed her to divert towards sorting out the problem. This enabled us all to benefit from experiencing real change in ourselves; faith in the power of NLP and confidence in our own abilities to affect real changes in others.

Since completing the training I talk to my family in a different way and have different expectations of them. Our household works better as a result of this.
I am no longer running the belief that I will die young, like my mother did. Consequently, I have started to look after myself better, plan for the future, and worry less about my kids because I probably have a good few years left with them yet!

How would I sum up the experience?
Through a range of teaching, demonstration and practice, you will learn how to understand and influence yourself and others. Go with an open mind. These are eight of the most worthwhile days I have ever had.”